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ePartner Cash Management System

Welcome to ePartner™, City National's Online Cash Management system.

Consider this outstanding technology to be your company's in-house City National "branch," accessible 24/7.

Balance Information

Immediate access to real-time and archived account information. Your company's accounts are summarized at a glance, including:

The Account Summary provides comprehensive financial management. Your total cash position, checking, savings, loan and other accounts can all be viewed in one convenient location. From any secure Internet connection you can view up-to-the-minute transactions, balances, and transfers 24/7.
Real-time statement information transaction details per account, transaction details across accounts, access to historic information, and cancelled check images
The Liquidity Summary enables Cash Flow Management for numerous accounts, summarizing transactions across accounts based on common criteria selection.
Review your monthly statements online and print them out at your convenience.
  • Define your own reports! Create and save customized reports.
  • Export report information with deposit and/or check paid data into your accounting software.
  • Information can be stored and accessed later to facilitate recurring transfers, cash concentration, or loan repayments.

Free Internal Transfers

The Internal Transfer utility allows ePartner customers to move funds between checking and savings accounts. Information can be stored and accessed later to facilitate recurring transfers or cash concentration.


Transfer funds electronically via Wire Transfer without compromising your business' internal procedures or dual control policy. We provide the highest level of security and the latest in Internet-based systems, plus multiple authority levels. Our full service Wire Department supports both domestic and international transfers, allowing you to send money almost anywhere in the world. Create single wires or maintain templates for recurring wires. Access SWIFT and Fedwire bank ID directories to facilitate more timely payments.


  • Payroll Processing of Salary and Expense Reimbursements via ACH eliminate the manual processing of payroll checks! We'll deposit payroll funds directly into your employees' accounts, giving them faster access to their money - and they won't have to go to the bank during working or lunch hours. No more stop-payment charges for lost or stolen paychecks.
  • Collection Use ACH as a Collection Tool to retrieve funds in the fastest possible way. Electronically debited customer funds are usually available for use within 24 hours, and you won't have to process monthly payments received by mail. This service can debit funds from any bank in the United States.
  • Concentration Use ACH as a Concentration Tool for fastest access to funds! If you maintain deposits in more than one bank, consider consolidating your funds into one account with Electronic Cash Concentration. You'll still have the freedom to use more than one bank, but with an increased level of control.
  • File Import Import files from your Accounts Payable system into City National's ACH File Center for administrative savings and to end redundant entries. Provide a NACHA, or CSV file, for example, and CNB will upload the data to originate the ACH payments for you!

Stop Payments

You'll have immediate access to Stop Payments via ePartner's secured Stop Payment entry screen. Minimize lost telefax instructions and miscommunications, track Stop Payment Activity.


Your company designates an ePartner Company Administrator who will have access to a high-level security function within the system, including password modification, user maintenance, etc. City National will assign and monitor access rights for your Company Administrator based on proper authorization from your company and the services you have selected. We understand that your company may later change the Security Administrator or user entitlements.

Certain fees and account transfer limitations may apply.