Honoring Black History Month with CatWalk Pros

February 15, 2024

In the spirit of Black History Month, City National Bank of Florida shines light on Sandra Ward, an inspiring businesswoman who is celebrating her roots through education and empowerment.

Meet Sandra Ward

Sandra is an Afro-Latina woman who was born in Panama and moved to he United States to further her modeling career. While living in the U.S, she faced some difficulties fitting in. She struggled to understand where she fit in.

Despite the initial struggles, over the years, she assimilated and found acceptance in the Black community, connecting with those around her over shared experiences.

Sandra Ward, President & CE0

While modeling in Los Angeles, Sandra developed a passion for fashion, design, and empowering the younger generation through education. While living in Los Angeles, Sandra got involved in community programs and empowerment workshops which served children in underserved communities. Through those experiences, she realized education and working with the younger generations was her future.

Following her passion, she founded CatWalk Pros in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. However, after making a series of personal decisions, Sandra chose to move closer to her roots in Panama and relocated to Miami in 2010.

Starting a New Life in Miami

Now based in Miami, Sandra positioned CatWalk Pros as an innovative fashion production company that specializes in fashion show planning, design and production services. Sandra works with models from all over the world to empower them to become the best version of themselves. Sandra recalled, “CatWalk Pros is more than a brand; it’s a platform to share insights and empower aspiring young models through education and mentorship.”

CatWalk Pros Academy and Community Service

As Sandra built her brand in Miami, she continued to help her community by mentoring girls. As a way to formalize her work in the community, she founded CatWalk Pros Academy, a South-Florida based non-profit, which aspires to empower educate and inspire young individuals in underserved communities.

Through these efforts, Sandra and her team host workshops and summer programs where they foster personal growth through life skills, leadership training, fashion workshops, mentorships and community service projects.

Sandra recalled, “My commitment and mission is to develop the future generations into confident, capable and productive individuals by giving them the tools to do so.”

Community and Banking Partners

As Sandra recalls on her work with CatWalk Pros Academy, she mentions how grateful she is towards the CNB team. She says banking with an institution that upholds a sense importance towards the community is crucial to her success. She is grateful to CNB for not only supporting her with her banking needs, but for standing by her mission to help the community.

As we honor Black History Month, City National Bank of Florida celebrates leaders like Sandra and her team.  When Sandra was asked what she would like her legacy to be, she said, “Although I may not have been blessed with children of my own, I strongly believe that mentoring these young people is my purpose in life. It's not just about appearances or where you come from; it is about showing that everyone has potential to be whoever they want to be, no matter where they come from. The real strength comes from within.”

Please note: The content in this article comes from individual opinions and experiences. The content should not be taken as advice coming from City National Bank of Florida. City National Bank of Florida does not offer tax, legal or accounting advice.

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