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Fraud Prevention

Protecting Your Information Is A Top Priority. 

Identity theft is, unfortunately, a rising challenge in today's digital world. As a business owner, you shouldn't have to worry about fraudulent transactions. Our fraud mitigation tools are designed to help you easily monitor payments and keep you ahead of threats to your business's finances.

Take control of ACH transactions. This service provides your company with online reporting to help you quickly review, identify, and electronically return fraudulent ACH activity against your account. Here are key features to help keep your business safe:

  • With instant online access to ACH Positive Pay, you can quickly set up debit filters for each vendor for acceptable ACH payment amounts drafting against your CNBFL account. Incoming payment drafts (debits) within the allowable amount ranges are paid and can be tracked on current-day detail reporting. Authorized users can review payments exceeding the acceptable amount ranges, make payment decisions, and set up alerts for ACH Positive Pay exceptions.

  • Internal Control Support – Segregate the roles of debit filter administration and maintenance from pay or return payment decisions through ACH Positive Pay. The segregation of functions supports your internal control policy for separating duties.

  • Flexible Notifications – Exception notifications may be sent to multiple email addresses or as an SMS text message (if available from receiving cellular carrier). *

        * Message and data rates may apply. 

Prevent check fraud and strengthen your company's internal controls. With Check Positive Pay, you can systematically compare checks presented on your account against the checks you issue daily. We verify check numbers and dollar amounts and digitally report discrepancies to you.

Check Positive Pay enables you to:

  • Authorized users can review exception items and make exception decisions.

  • Upload files with check information manually or through automation.

  • Utilizes several methods to identify exceptions, including Payee match, to help you quickly identify suspicious items and reduce your exposure to check fraud.

  • Have ready access to check images and early-morning information reporting of user-defined controls and exception items.

  • Internal Control Support – Segregate the roles of maintenance and decisioning exception items as pay or return through Check Positive Pay. The segregation of functions supports your internal control policy for separating duties.
Segregation of accounts for specific purposes is common for businesses and improves reconcilement processes and secure funds.

To assist with structure we can establish various codes that will eliminate the posting of certain transactions to accounts within your structure.
City National Bank Of Florida will keep an approved list of organizations that are authorized to debit funds from your accounts electronically.

In the event an unauthorized entity attempts to debit funds the transaction will be automatically returned securing your accounts.

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Treasury Management

Meet with a specialist to create your custom banking package.

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